Who I am, and why I blog

My name is Tamara Agnew and I am currently working on my PhD at the University of South Australia. I am a Complementary Therapist; I received my BA (Hons) (first class) qualification from Edinburgh Napier University, following the aromatherapy pathway.  I am an expert in aromatherapy.   I have been treating skin conditions with essential oils for a number of years and an investigation of the effect of essential oils and aromatherapy for the symptoms of acne vulgaris is the topic of my thesis.

I love complementary medicine, and I especially love aromatherapy.  But I am also naturally sceptical about the claims which are made about certain products and treatments, and so this blog will provide a space for investigation, and I welcome questions and feedback.

I am very keen to write about all areas of CAM.  This is a blog that is dedicated to disseminating some evidence, dispelling some myths, writing about the history and traditional knowledge that supports some CAM modalities and addressing current issues surrounding Complementary Medicine.

I blog because I love writing and I am fairly sick of reading the same old stuff about CAM! My friends would probably call me an old hippy, and I would agree with that, but I am also an academic and a published author and so nowadays I am probably more of an “evidence-based flower-child”.

Welcome to my blog. I hope that you find it as beneficial to read, as I do to write!

Tamara x

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