Operation LOVE YOUR BODY! (#ihaveembraced)


This post is going to take me away from my usual mutterings about complementary health, to shine the torchlight on this amazing Adelaidean lady, Taryn Brumfitt (yep, that is her, above!) who has a dream to create positive change about the way we perceive our body; she wants us to stop feeling horror and sadness when we look in the mirror, and start feeling love and wonderful acceptance.  To that end, she developed the Body Image Movement.  She has a wonderful webpage, she has spoken publicly about her mission, she has been interviewed in a variety of press both here and in the States, and she has more than 50,000 loyal followers on facebook

I recently heard Taryn (and her very awesome talking partner, psychologist Dr Emma)  lecture at the Developing Daughters event.  The audience was a group of concerned mums and dads who wanted to know more about the way the media portrays beauty, the unethical use of very young girls in overtly sexual advertisements, and about how big fashion houses have us believing their version of “reality”.  This affects us, and it affects our daughters. It was a very inspirational evening and, if you ever have the opportunity, you should go along and listen. This has really influenced the way I speak to my girls about health, food and loving our bodies.


This is not a reality...
This is not a reality…

Embrace – The Documentary –  The event of childbirth, her beautiful children and the media pressure of the “perfect” post-pregnancy body (and some nasty/ignorant/uneducated trolls….) are the driving force behind the documentary project Embrace.  Taryn is on the campaign trail looking for support via the kickstarter website to make this doco and get her message “out there” to a much, much larger audience.  Here is a link to her pledge page, where you will find a bit of a personal history, some background about the doco, and a link to click and pledge. Below, is her promo – take 5 minutes and check it out!

 I am supporting this campaign because I get it. I have two beautiful daughters and I want to put my arms around them and protect them from this unreal beauty/body ideal, and to teach them that their body is a fantastic vehicle for their very busy little lives – it carries them to school, around the netball court, the ice-skating rink, cubs, music practice – anything that they want to be a part of. It lets them know when they are tired, or hurting and it lets them feel joy and happiness. And they are can look at themselves in the mirror and be happy, because they are beautiful, just the way they are!

I recently read about a group of very young (age 9-ish) children who had to weigh themselves and measure their BMI, in front of the whole class group, as the teacher thought that this covert form of body shaming was an acceptable maths activity.  This cruel kind of behavior*  has got to stop, and body confidence is a good way to start. So, dig deep and support this campaign!! Thanks for your time 🙂


Taryn Brumfitt

from an adult who should know better – and frankly should be SACKED!

3 thoughts on “Operation LOVE YOUR BODY! (#ihaveembraced)

  1. I endorse this 100%! I also give lectures on ‘The Beauty Myth’ which addresses many issues, including the ridiculous equation of success only being possible if you’re beautiful or that being beautiful and a size zero is the only way any man will find you attractive. Young women between the age of 16 and 19, having plastic surgery to remove superficial blemishes and tummy tucks in order to achieve a flat stomach and breast implants in order to emulate the various models. The vitreolic attacks on those who do not ‘fit’ the body beautiful image is deeply damaging psychologically for those women.

    The sexualisation of children as young as 8 with clothing that is clearly inappropriate and now ‘sexy undies and bras by victoria’s secret for girls as young as 6 which I find totally unacceptable. The other side of the coin is the young men whose expectations are based on Porn films and who have a complete lack of respect for women because the only role models they have are in Porn magazines.

    Either way, those of us who strive to address these issues face an uphill battle with the media, particularly with womens and girls magazines who endorse this beauty myth. There is a lot to be said in the old adage that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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