Essential Oils are Good for our Health

When you think about essential oils, do you think about the health benefits beyond the wonderful aroma?  I know that you probably love to put them in an oil burner and let the scent create an atmosphere of relaxation, stimulation, inspiration, exhilaration, comfort,  or enlivenment – you might even drop a few drops of ylang ylang in for a bit of passion.

But did you know that they also have powerful antibacterial properties? The scientific world is concerned about antibiotic resistance, and rightly so.  According to an article  in The Independent, “There is a global crisis in antibiotics caused by rapidly evolving resistance among microbes responsible for common infections that threaten to turn them into untreatable diseases”.   The General Director of the World Health Organisation says ” doctors should be prescribing antibiotics appropriately, patients should be following their treatment, and there should be restrictions on the use of antibiotics in animals”.  I suggest we should be conducting much more research into the properties of essential oils, and here is why:

  1. Essential oils act on bacteria – many in vitro studies have been conducted and the evidence is positive – essential oils can kill many different bacteria.  The next step is conducting clinical trials to see how effective they are under clinical conditions (or in humans!)
  2. Humans cannot become resistant to essential oils – due to environmental conditions, no two crops are exactly the same, therefore, the body cannot build up a resistance like it does to antibiotics (which are always the same – which is the problem!).
  3. Essential oils can potentially be taken orally – this is not something I practice, nor is it something I promote here in this forum!  In fact – there is a MASSIVE DISCLAIMER HERE!!!  Aromatherapy is a medical practice in France and essential oils are often prescribed instead of antibiotics; this is either taken via the mouth, or as a suppository; they are also prescribed for external use and applied as part of a daily friction.
  4. Essential oils can be immune boosting, providing support for our own innate ability to heal ourselves.  You only need to smell the right oil for it to be promoting health.

For the time being, if you DO have a serious infection, I advise that you attend the doctors and receive the appropriate treatment.  If you want to treat yourself with “Complementary” aromatherapy, I advise you seek professional advice.

So, the future isn’t necessarily all doom and gloom – in fact, we might actually come up smelling of roses!

I heard a definition once: Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I’d invented it, because it is very true.
Audrey Hepburn


All material provided in this blog is for your information only.  Whilst every caution has been taken to ensure the material is accurate and the analysis is critical, due to the nature of essential oils, it is important that you consult your doctor and/or aromatherapist before making any decisions based on this information. The author will not compensate you in any way if you suffer an inconvenience, damage or side-effect because of  the information provided in this blog.

The Author is not responsible for the content of any comments made by Commenter(s) and reserves the right to block Commenter(s) who have previously published offensive comments, illegal content, or SPAM.

2 thoughts on “Essential Oils are Good for our Health

  1. I studied Aromatherapy in England and use it mostly in that way (through topical application in massage) but now that I live in France and can read in french I am learning a lot more of the pharmaceutical and cuisine applications, its true the French do everything but rub the oil on their body! They have sprays, comprimes, oral drops, and use hydrolats, vegetable oils and all sorts, its a real eye opener, the average person has pretty good knowledge of the essential essentials and the pharmacies are well stocked with all kinds of interesting concoctions.

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