Bodhi Mama (yep! That’s Me)

Bodhi Mama launched today and I am absolutely delighted!  Thanks to my friend Sacha who helped and inspired me!

Bodhi Mama is Adelaide’s newest infant massage class.  I will be providing a space where new mum’s can learn a beneficial skill, where you can learn about the various health aspects of massage, supported by a growing base of evidence, and most importantly, a warm and nurturing environment where you will become the expert when it comes to your child.

When you know the art of massage, you become the authority when it comes to your child’s body and you will trust that instinctive part of you.

 Bodhi Mama’s mission is to pass on the best available knowledge and evidence to support an ancient practice;  to be the start of an Australian tradition where baby massage is passed down from generation to generation and to ensure massage becomes a fundamental part of our parental knowing.

So join me as I embark on my adventure – I am a teacher, and I am a novice business woman and I look forward to sharing my experience with you!

Oh, and you will find us on facebook, too:


“The baby who is adequately satisfied receives the feeling that the world is his for the asking”
Ashley Montagu, author

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